About us

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Said in the 19th century humorist Josh Billings and we are in the 21st century alone to convince ourself that it's true! Although we did not expect at first that she would have puppies, as time went we were starting to thinking about it. We finally decided for that and set up a breeding cannel on  9.7.2015. Reason for that was that over the time, we realized that training, exhibitions and all around her was really fun and so she would meet the conditions for breeding as well. In February 2016 we had 11 puppies - 6 females and 5 males. We kept one bitch at home and again set out to train and work with her. At the first show in January 2017 in Brno, Anika won the title of the Best of Juniors in a big competition and thus began Anika's show career, culminating in a win in just 2.5 years in the working class at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2018 and participation in the top 3 for a world winner. This and all other show successes are more valuable for us, because Jirka and Anika ran them together in the show ring. We are very much looking forward to the birth of puppies, but also a lot of care for them, and we are very happy that we will have the opportunity to continue in a really good family, from which Aika and Anika come. Puppies will have the best conditions to be absolutely exceptional, both in terms of exterior, nature and hunting use.

And why Gritty hunter? Gritty hunter or courageous, determined, persistent hunter. This synonyms fits for our Aiku very well, whether it is work, play or persistent desire while waiting for treats. Therefore, the name was an obvious choice for us. 🙂

We will give you all our experience with training, feeding, necessary equipment and the whole care about Hungarian Vizsla not only in the case of taking the puppies. Please just contact us.

Our team

  • Jiri Herber

    Since 2011 proud owner of Aika z Čertovy rokle and later on of Anika Gritty Hunter. Above all, he devoted…

  • Mili Schulz

    She spends with Aika and Anika her free time. She cares especially about their relaxation. She also deals with the…

  • Jara Schulz

    A man who has Aika always in first place and that he loves her for who she really is. If he is…