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Good morning ... Good morning, it is actually already noon. Time flies so fast .. But I really began writing this morning. It is pretty funny at home right now (and still will be when my kids will start to walk). The last three days was at home a huge photo shoot and this time I was NOT the major star, but my angels. But I am quite sure, that you already know that, because you've seen the new pictures in the gallery. Wow past three days .. Mili gives camera out of her hand only when the battery is off (fortunately she haven’t bought a spare yet, because they didn’t have it :-)), when she has to feed me or when she is going out with me. I think that she even sleeps with a camera on her neck in order to promptly take the cutest snapshot, which she perhaps has already a few mega, or even giga! When the battery is of, she just jumps in with a phone .. Isn’t she crazy ??? 🙂

I get the royal treatment (well I am a royal dog!). Those two just get a quick dinner and don’t eat the whole day, but me?! I get the most wonderful breakfasts, snacks, lunches, snacks, dinners, second and third dinners! 🙂 And I also get nicely peeled and cut vegetables and fruit. In the morning I had so yummy apple, which Mili even peeled for me. But back to shooting. WHY they take pictures just of them all the time??? I am a princess too! Well I got jealous about that yesterday. So I knew the place where they take pictures, I went to sit there and waited until they didn’t took pictures of me! The photos are so cool, what do you think?

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