Precious as saffron

So here we are! Like everything unique in the world, there are fewer of us - there are four of us. On Monday, February 7 we came on this world in the order of Miss Pink, Blue Boy, Miss Orange and Green Boy.

And how are we doing? Absolutely wonderful. Our mommy Anika takes great care of us, at the beginning she didn't even want to let our grandmother Aika to visit us us. Now she allows grandma to take look after us. In fact, neither of them wants to leave us at all. Mom goes to the toilet or food only when Jirka drags her on a leash. Mommy keeps cleaning us, warming us, giving us milk, and when one of us whines, she immediately checks us. And that we can speak pretty loudly, even if there are only four of us, judge for yourself in the video.

They built our own heating place in our house, they call it "a private solarium". Our people change our carpet every day and they even say they have a new washing machine for dogs. We are probably really rare when our mommy is constantly checking on us, Jirka and Mili are weighing us, the vet checked on us immidiately on Monday and we still have a little caregiver who shouts: "Mom Mom, someone cries only when we yawn."

We just have a great time and we are not miss anything, maybe just some of the show titles, but there's plenty of time for that!


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