The Young and the Restless


One a long time ago told be Mili about this foreign infinite show which was on TV while she was young. Name of the show was Young and the Restless. So this fits perfectly on my kid! They can be very restless 🙂 Everyone's having a pretty sharp teeth and they try to bite everything in their kindergarden, not only blankets and toys, but also themselves. When they start to play oI do not know to whom ever watch after. The two fight, the third looks or adds to the others, a fourth playes football, fifth again nibbling visitor's and what about the others??? .. so I do not know, because it can not keep to watch them all 🙂 When I jump into the kindergarden (yes I've learned that and I am better than a racehorse), immediately a whole bunch of puppies jumps at me.. Besides that you may have watched on my YouTube. When anyone sits there they turn on him as well, they jump and climb and nibble him.

They still treat me as a princess and I have a little accustomed to leave them alone and not be so caring. I have also been fully fit, I would go for a longer walk in the woods and do not want to return back immediately. I also managed to eat the granules of puppies for a while!!! Yummy!!!! But now they know me and I have to behave… so no more deserts for me 🙂

Now it was mainly up to Jirka and he did not took as much pictures of ME at all! Just puppies.. I was a little sad, why do they still have to shoot only them? Well Mili a true maniac took it into her own hands and our selfie came to the world. Do you see how happy we are? That's because all 11 puppies are healthy, grow in beauty and we managed to find them such a wonderful homes with lot of love, where they will be truly happy. Is not this the dream of every breeder and doggy moms?

With love

tlapka4 Aika and her football team


We are so restless that we Jirka had today increase the fence! 🙂


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