They found new home!


When Jirka parks, he always says he has that he has the proverbial luck and in 99% of cases he really finds one single free parking spot. Mili would, of course, gave up and parked somewhere kilometer away. And his "proverbial luck" his following him now as well. So first of all he has me and Mili and that's a life of happiness itself. 🙂 And secondly we found for all my puppies fabulous new home. I am delighted that they are looking forward to them so much, they are interested in them, visit us and are just wonderful!

Maybe you're wondering if I would be sad when they leave? I will not, because I know that they will have a fabulous new home, where they would not be not only lovely pet, but also a true member of the family. And Anika stay at home. 🙂


But in order to be able to leave our kindergarden my favourite vet Eda came to visit us this week. Because there is a lot of us, he took his whole family to help him. And actually it was actually a lot of fun. One by one, he looked at us from nose to tail. And then he began with a vaccination, tatooing and chipping. It's not easy to carry out such an operation for the football team! Additionally, after all the necessary information he had to record it into vaccination cards or passports, so they spend with us the entire evening. I was very happy, not only because it is my favorite doctor, but also because with his children who were guarding dogs and I was able to relax. 🙂 And you know what, today is his names day? All the best!!!

tlapka4 Aika and her football team

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