We have a small giants at home

stene_obr_ vaha-2Those who do not know it yet, I would like to tell that I have at two science fools at home. Better said one mathematician and a chemist. Therefore you might not be surprised that they are not only fully documenting the development of the puppies through photos and videos, but also somewhat with  traditional manner. Every day they  weigh them all, in most cases at the same hour and same place so that the results have the right information value. I do not really get Jirka's crazy plots with a linear regression, so I asked him to give me a little "human" handed results.

Quite he did it, right?

From what he explained to me, I understood that everyone still gains weight and grows into a little giant. Have a lovely evening  and get something decent as snack! 🙂

tlapka4 Aika and her football team


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