What's new in my life


Today I celebrate the 5th birthday! And I celebrate it  not only with my people, but also with my dogs in my tummy. My little embryos are according to the clever calendar too 2 cm big. Since morning I have a big appetite and you will be surprised what drives me the most! It's VEGETABLES. :-)
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The gravidity is confirmed

On 29.12. they told us at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, that Aika will have puppies! This news pleased not only us, but all of our loved ones. Before leaving to the clinic, we were both a little nervous, but somehow we already knew what the screen will show. Aika behaved already about a…
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The big Day-Aika will meet Timbo today!

So today is the big DAY, when Aika will meet Timbo. Oddly enough, this day since the morning was very sunny and more like a first day of spring than winter day. Aika and Timbo immediately liked each other and so we did with Bara (owner of Timbo). Despite the concerns of some present (mainly Mili) it went smoothly and according…
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